Fujitsu transforms a traditional approach to data center security with the SURIENT products

Munich, 3 November 2016. Today Fujitsy announced the release in EMEA of Fujitsu SURIENT Managed Rack Solution, a new system for the physical protection of data centers. This is the first model in the new product family of Fujitsu SURIENT, which is designed to enhance protection of the data center, data transfer operation and user devices. SURIENT Managed Rack Solution is designed to prevent unauthorized physical access to server, storage system and networking components with the help of biometric authentication PalmSecure technology from Fujitsu Company and special electromechanical locking mechanisms and sensors.

The new development encompasses the server racks, electromechanical locking mechanisms, sensors, control rack servers, biometric authentication technology and installation and configuration services for companies to organize fully controlled access to data centers equipment according to the employee authorities. As a result companies receive a single solution for managing access rights, monitoring of server, network and other equipment racks and door status control. All access cases are registered in accordance with the audit requirements. The system can be easily integrated into existing data center infrastructure as the main solution to meet the tough requirements for physical protection.

SURIENT Managed Rack Solution is part of the new security solutions for Fujitsu’s SURIENT family, which includes variety of products and technologies that will help companies to create a seamless IT protection for their digital resources. New products are designed to ensure the security in all aspects and areas from endpoint security, data center to data operations protection. To address these challenges is being used a coordinated approach which takes into account user needs. SURIENT systems are part of the comprehensive program of Fujitsu for information security management, which includes consulting services and a wide range of services for the protection of IT solutions and products.

Rob Norris (Rob Norris), the head of the Fujitsu Company’s corporate and information security division in the EMEIA region, says: «SURIENT is a new type of security systems. With the help of the powerful tools, Fujitsu transforms the traditional approach to control IT security, maintaining maximum transparency and comfortable operation. Our goal is to ensure the fullest possible protection for data centers, data processes and terminals, as well as the huge amount of sensors and devices that are the base of the Internet of Things. SURIENT Managed Rack Solution is the first solution in the framework of SURIENT family products which will be available all around the world. In the coming months we will offer the additional services, solutions and products for IT security».

One of the first company that have implemented SURIENT products is a German company Wilken Rechenzentrum, which offers data center services to companies operating in the financial, legal and health services. Hans-Günther Markle (Hans-Günter Markle), Managing Director of Wilken Rechenzentrum, says: “Ensuring the highest protection is the priority of our work. Our customers trust us with their data and digital assets in order to avoid the unauthorized access. SURIENT Managed Rack Solution of the Fujitsu Company helped us to raise the standards of protection to an entirely new level. It has allowed us to establish a user-based access control policy so that our customers can fully control the access to their equipment and data».

Pricing and Availability

Fujitsu SURIENT Managed Rack Solution is now available for order in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) directly from Fujitsu and its partners. The price of the new solution starts from 7000 Euro.

In the following months new products within SURIENT family will be presented. In early 2017 Fujitsu plans to introduce a SURIENT Stealth Connect Solution (SCS), which will provide a secure exchange of information between data centers, using the closed ports technology.