New mobile computer EDA50 from Honeywell

Meet the new universal device based on the new generation of Android operating system – mobile computer EDA50 from Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions.

In EDA50 the needs of users and especially of mobile employees, using barcode scanning and working in areas such as health, express delivery, catering, etc. were taken into account.  In order to work with clients they all need mobile office, user-friendly touch screen and advanced features that can increase efficiency and reduce costs.


  • 5-inch IPS- touchscreen with Gorilla Glass provides a large viewing angle, excellent visibility
  • Harmonious combination of ergonomics with the industrial design ideas
  • EDA50 design provides the ability to manage with either right or left hand, and also takes into account habits, which form while using the device. Excellent ergonomics reduces fatigue that occurs with prolonged use
  • Lithium-ion battery capacity of 4000 mA • h, designed for 10,000 charge cycles
  • The latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology

More about this product HERE

Demo sample is already available for order!

Deliveries are also available to order in the following Part Number:

 Part Number Standard price
 EDA50-011-C111R      600 USD
 EDA50-111-C111R      680 USD


To order products you may contact your personal manager or send an inquiry to sales department of AutoIDC RRC