BriefCam® was founded on the strength of technology developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Prof. Shmuel Peleg. “Shmulik” is a renowned computer vision researcher. This proprietary technology, Video Synopsis® is an award-winning innovation that summarizes hours of events into a “brief” to extract maximum value from video for safety, security and productivity.

It was Yissum, the University’s licensing arm, that invited a US Department of Defense delegation to observe some new research. Through that meeting, the application of Video Synopsis to defense and security was identified and subsequently licensed for commercialization exclusively to BriefCam.

In mid-2008, the company’s three founders — including Prof. Peleg who also serves as BriefCam Chief Scientist — found modest offices for BriefCam in Neve Ilan, a suburb just outside Jerusalem and began to develop the initial product. The Video Synopsis innovation — providing users with the ability to review hours of video in minutes — created a buzz within the industry, especially after being awarded the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award for Physical Security and the British Security Industry Association’s New Product Award in 2010.

Also in 2010, a US-based company, BriefCam, Inc., was established and CEO and President Dror Irani joined BriefCam, at which time sales began in earnest. BriefCam’s technology was quickly adopted by the security sector as the de facto standard for rapid video review through partnerships with industry leaders such as Genetec, Milestone Systems, OnSSI and others, and in successful deployments ranging from the Statue of Liberty in New York, Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center, to the New Taipei Safe City project in Taiwan.

The technology was reported to have been used in the investigation of Oslo bomber and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, and the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

In 2013, BriefCam began planning its move to new headquarters in Modi’in, Israel, and launched its flagship product for the professional security sector, BriefCam Syndex. This award-winning product offers users the ability to not only review hours of video in minutes, but to also refine video metadata by parameters such as color, direction, size, speed and more. Additional refinement features have followed, each one bringing BriefCam Syndex closer to its goal of being a true search engine for video.

A second goal, to bring rapid review capabilities to the consumer/SMB market, was realized in mid-2015 with the launch of BriefCam embedded within Flir FX, a home surveillance camera and cloud offering. Co-branded as “Flir Rapid Recap powered by BriefCam”, the service provides subscribers — busy people with no time to invest in video review yet concerned with safeguarding property and loves ones — with the rapid video review capabilities they need to save time and gain peace of mind.

BriefCam is now set to launch the latest version of BriefCam Syndex for the professional law enforcement, public security and enterprise sectors, and its new cloud offering for video service providers to the consumer/SMB market.

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