Almi Partner Group of Companies

Almi Partner Group of Companies is a domestic manufacturer and integrator of IT solutions working on the information technology market of Russia and the CIS for more than 14 years. Being a reliable IT partner for tens of thousands of customers, the company has accumulated significant experience in implementing projects of various levels of complexity, so now Almi Partner can safely be called an expert in this industry.

Thanks to invaluable experience in developing individual solutions, the Almi Partner team can offer a wide range of IT services: from consultations, maintenance of workstations with the basic software installed on them, to setting up servers, developing non-trivial solutions involving a number of highly qualified specialists.

AlterOS is the latest generation domestic Linux operating system from Almi Partner Group of Companies, designed to solve the tasks of building and optimizing the IT infrastructure of commercial and government organizations. AlterOS was developed in accordance with all state standards of the Russian Federation, which confirmed its inclusion in the Register of domestic software by Order of the Ministry of Communications of 08/15/2017 No. 421 as a recommended product for government customers. To date, Almi Partner Group has already completed several hundred successfully implemented projects to migrate IT infrastructure of customers to the new AlterOS operating system, as a result of which it has become one of the market leaders in the field of software import substitution.