In 2007, Geeman Yip took a big risk on a small idea: Make software for the cloud.

Geeman had three goals: create the best place to work, offer free cloud storage, and tie cloud-based applications together. It turned out the market wasn’t ready. His products were ahead of their time—so he poured his skills, insights, and industry knowledge into a solution to help people move to the cloud.

In 2009 we built MigrationWiz, the global leader in cloud migration software.

We've spent the past decade helping IT professionals and managed services providers be more efficient, profitable, and successful in the cloud. During our first ten years in business, we grew into a global company of more than 200 employees. Over the past decade, we’ve helped more than 36,000 organizations deploy IT services to 13 million employees in 187 countries.

Now we're leading our industry into the next ten years with Voleer.

We’ve transformed our software into an IT services automation platform, designed to help our customers offer more services to end users as they grow their business. Whether you’re a value-added reseller, system integrator, or managed services provider, our mission is to help you be more successful through standardization and automation.

We believe that every IT services provider can grow their business and offer powerful cloud solutions.

We’ve used a decade of feedback to build solutions that solve IT services delivery and business challenges. We remain dedicated to helping our customers become more efficient, adaptable, and profitable in this new cloud era.

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